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Lenticular Imaging: 3D and Animation
Venture Magazine

Archive listing of VENTURE: The Traveler's World Magazine.

Bi-monthly and subsequently monthly (1960's-1970's) publication of Cowles Communications, Inc with a 6¾" square lenticular cover photograph on the subject of the feature story each issue.

Lenticular Suppliers


From the company's website:
I can create, with my own lenticular 2d/3d conversion method,1 to 15 intermediate frames (or points of view) between the extreme stereopair, in order to achieve a very high quality stereoscopic lenticular print.

FTL Design comments:
Based in Argentina, the company offers 2d to 3d conversion, supplying images for lenticular or other stereo viewing methods.  The company does not offer production of lenticular prints.

3D PhotoPro From the company's website:
Make 3D Lenticular pictures at home!

The purpose of this web site is to share a way as simple as it is possible to make high-quality lenticular 3D pictures at home, using the usual and not expensive office equipment, which already presents almost in each house. I am talking about such things as a computer, a digital camera, an ink jet color photo printer and a laminator.

With this modern technology you can start your own profitable business or make your 3D pictures just for yourself as an extremely interesting hobby.

FTL Design comments:
This Canadian company offers manuals and materials for making your own lenticular pictures. The site also has a photo and art gallery of images available for purchase.

Base2 Studio
(Jake Purches)

From the company's website:
Base2 Studio, founded by Jake Purches, is one of the world's leading lenticular photographic creative design and production studios. Our Passion is Lenticular - from 3d photography and graphics to motion animations and flip signs, from small to large, from few to millions.

Our large format Lenticulars are made by Laser photographic methods using our Lightjet 5000, which has unparalleled quality and continuous tone. We also manufacture photographically made 'Kodak Dynamic Images' using our digital ‘Kodak LVT’ system. These are available up to 8x10 size.

Base2 has recently completed a 12 Metre by 2 metre Lenticular lightbox installation at the Grosvenor House,
Park Lane, London.

FTL Design comments:
Samples viewed of both 3D and motion lenticulars are of a very high standard. Specialty products include hand-made images using high-resolution digital photographs, and both custom and production projects can be undertaken.

Extreme Vision Lenticular Products

From the company's website:
Create custom lenticular (holographic like) business cards and postcards online. Apply dynamic visual effects to your own images.

Our online system allows you to automatically generate lenticular (holographic like) imagery by guiding you through easy to follow, step-by-step directions. Use your very own images, apply dynamic visual effects (ie 3D, Flip and Zoom), proof on-screen and place your print order.

FTL Design comments:
Samples viewed of lenticular business cards and postcards with 3D and motion images are impressive. This is the first site I have seen which allows users to upload source images and view interactive designs and layouts.


From the company's releases:
Remote Sensing professionals and scientists who wish to enhance presentation of their projects can now add 3rd dimension to 2D satellite images/aerial photos. This special 3D processing service is provided by Geocarto International Centre (GIC) in Hong Kong.

Unlike 3D modelling which only generates perspective view, 3D pictures provided by Geocarto does not need glasses to experience 3D effect. For further information, one can visit

GIC has also applied this 3D processing technology to other forms of presentation. After years working on the technology, we can now provide 3D conversion services to customers in portraits, landscape and wedding pictures.

FTL Design comments:
Geocarto's lenticular satellite images are of a very high standard, and show topographical features in full relief.
A wedding photo sample, made using Geocarto's 3D conversion techniques from a flat photographs, is more than acceptable as a 3D memento of an important event shot only in 2D.

The Hologram Company

From the company's website:
The Hologram Company is your complete source for state-of-the-art three-dimensional images, displays and installations. We can provide lenticular photography, display holograms, holographic and lenticular packaging, full colour, animated holographic stickers, LED dimensional imaging, laser etched crystal glass blocks, holographic portraits and 3D computer animation and design services.

FTL Design comments:
While the company's products and services go far beyond just lenticulars, samples I have seen of their lenticular products are made to a high standard.
The Hologram Company is based in London, and is thus able to offer the benefits of local consulting, design, and production to UK customers.


From the company's website:
KNT 3D is a true color lenticular manufacturer and printer in Hong Kong. Our lenticular 3d technology could be used to make gift, premium or promotional items. These 3d or views changing flipping lenticular images, or pictures, can be used in making lenticular 3d card, lenticular 3d poster, 3d sticker, 3d label, 3d magnet, 3d lenticular badge, 3d lenticular ruler, conversion card, lenticular 3d post card, 3d lenticular mousepad (or lenticular mouse mat), 3d purse, 3d wallet, 3d keychain, 3d notebook, 3d photo frame, 3d watch surface, 3d organizer, or parts of toys.

FTL Design comments:
The samples I have seen of KNT's lenticular products are of a very high quality, with fine-line screens and excellent flip, motion, and 3D images. Even the company's business card has a morphing image. The website is in English and has technical descriptions of the various lenticular effects, details of the many available product lines, and full specifications for artwork and other production details.

Lantor, Ltd. From the company's website:
Lantor, Ltd. specializes in 3D Lenticular promotional products, ranging from keychains, notebooks, magnets to mousepads, rulers, buttons and so much more.  We offer a wide selection of lenticular effects such as Flip, 3D, Depth, Morphing, Animation etc. to provide dimension to your Custom graphics and thus create the maximum impact for your company and its message.

LPC - The Lenticular Plastic Companies of the World From the company's website:
We supply both 75 LPI and 100 LPI lenticular sheet products. Our products are designed and manufactured for the precise application of an appropriately interlaced image direct to the backside gloss surface of the lenticular sheet. The most common and effective choice of the graphic industry is to imprint the lenticular sheet on lithographic offset equipment which provides optimum press control, efficient print management, and the highest possible quality imaging capabilities.

Newland Material Group

From the company's website:
We are one of the biggest Chinese professional manufacturers of lenticular printing, lenticular sheet and holographic firm. We have introduced a lot of advanced equipment from USA, Germany, and Canada and so on. We inventively take most leading technology of 3D image and anti-counterfeit. We take PET as raw materials that are nontoxic, harmless and recycled to research, develop, manufacture and sell 3D packages, 3D plastic boards, 3D lenticular sheets and we also design and make 3D advertisements, 3D portrait photographs, etc.

FTL Design comments:
Newland is based in China but the website is in English, and includes photographs of the company's extensive manufacturing and production facilities, as well as descriptions and illustrations of the available products, which range from industrial packaging to lenticular 3D and motion images to holographic films. Animated graphics give a view of the types of effects available.
Samples supplied by the company of 3D and flip lenticulars are made to a high standard, and come in a wide range of sizes and effects.

Snap 3D

From the company's website:
We make lenticular prints from almost any multi lens 3D camera past or present. We make custom animated prints from your images, and photo cutouts in 3D. We also do 3D conversions, custom photos with a multi camera rig, make animated business cards, sell custom wood frames etc.

Visual Creative Graphics Innovations
From the company's website:
Lenticular Printing of San Jose, a subsidiary of Visual Creative Graphics Innovations, is a lenticular printing and design company founded by few lenticular printing aficionados. We have the unselfish desire to preserve this industry by promoting lenticular printing products at affordable prices. We organize free tutorials in the Greater San Francisco area for professionals who are interested in lenticular printing.

If you have a lenticular 3D or motion product
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Please note: FTL Design does not offer film processing or lenticular manufacture. If you need this type of work, please contact one of the companies listed above.